How To Deploy an _ebooks Bot

or: _ebooks Leaves the Nest About a digital century ago, I wrote up some instructions for getting your own _ebooks bot up and running. A not insignificant number of people »

How To Make an _ebooks Bot

or: I Am _ebooks And So Can You!! Everyone should have an _ebooks bot on Twitter, if they want one. What follows may not be the best way to do »

Spelunky Death Extractor

Context Spelunky is a Great Game. The procedurally generated treasure-hunting cave exploration game started (and still exists) as a free PC download created in GameMaker and was later upgraded to »

Dessert of the Real: A Pre-Partum

After a sprint Monday afternoon, I prepared a proof of concept for my upcoming generative fan-non-fiction adventure based on the works of Slavoj Žižek: Dessert of the Real. I brought »

Twitgnostic: Removing Social Context from a Social Network

How relevant are the username, handle, and avatar next to the 140-or-fewer-character messages in your Twitter timeline? How do the experience and meaning change if content is decoupled from social »

Tokyo Jungle Is Not About Survival

Tokyo Jungle, a feral post-apocalyptic urban simulation game, is ostensibly about survival; its Challenge system and player affordances wrap that core in ambition and domination. Where the avatar’s need »